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25 Years of Experience Solving Machinery Reliability Dilemmas

MacAnalysis is a Canadian-based company that works with our customers to find solutions to their most difficult vibration, balancing and structural problems. We can also teach you how to solve these problems for yourself.

MacAnalysis has developed training material using a wealth of information acquired over 25 years.

The material is intuitive and based on the comments and recommendations of over 5000 students that the author has taught at several vibration levels since 1986.

Training Material Second to None

It is current, easy-to-follow and interesting. Our manuals get a five star rating by those who have them. A few testimonials are presented on the Training Seminars page.

Judge for yourself. Check out our innovative vibration severity charts and balance tolerance charts used in our manuals, or preview some pages from inside the manual, highlighted from several chapters. We invite you to compare the material with our competitors.

Our vibration seminars break the traditional mould by providing whole information on the topics presented. The student will be fully competent to set up proper vibration measurement parameters for data collection and vibration analysis, and understand the variables that define these measurements.

Reliability Based Maintenance

Reliability Based Maintenance is the proactive approach adopted by the industry today. It helps to reduce inventory, maintenance costs, and downtime while increasing productivity.

There are several technologies able to monitor the health of rotating machinery. No single technology is capable of detecting all of the problems in every type of machine or structure, but the Vibration Based Monitoring Program is usually the heart of Reliability Based Maintenance.

Training Seminars

Vibration Analysis
Training Tailored to Your Needs

Vibration Analysis Services

Time Waveform
Cross Phase
Cascade Diagram
Bode Plot (Resonance Test)
Time Synchronous Averaging

Balancing Services

Rigid Rotors
Flexible Rotors
Overhung Rotors
Multi-stage Rotors
High Speed Spindles

In-House Vibration Analysis Seminars

CMVA Certification Testing

Available after each seminar

Tailored Courses

Focus on the type of equipment, bearings, speeds and operating environment specific to your industry.

Vibration Analysis Manuals

MacAnalysis has extensive experience in most industries including Aeronautics, Aluminum, Auto, Cement, Fertilizer, Food, Gas, Mining, Oil, Paper, Power Generation, Rubber, Steel, Waste and Water.

We work with our customers to find solutions to their most difficult vibration, balancing or structural problems.

MacAnalysis uses the latest technology to provide our customers with the highest quality diagnostics, training, and training material available today.

Contract Predictive Maintenance

MacAnalysis offers the security of a Vibration Based Maintenance Program at a fraction of the cost of an in-house program and will:

  • Help you assess which machines should be included in the program;
  • Manage these machines with realistic and cost effective time intervals;
  • Provide immediate on-site recommendations for high-risk machines;
  • Provide a comprehensive report of all machines within 1 week of the survey.

Balancing Solutions

MacAnalysis offers their expertise to solve your most difficult field or shop balancing jobs. We also offer in-house training to teach your technicians the skills that we have acquired over the last 25 years.